CICO Chem 206 I


1. Type High Build Elastomeric Waterproofing Membrane Coating Based on Polyurethane
2. Price Rs.275 + Gst 18% tax / perkg
3. Packing size  Available in 5kg
4. Appearance / Colour  Black
5 Coverage 1-1.2 kg per m2 in two coats for a minimum thickness of 1 mm, for heavy duty application, 1.5 mm thickness is recommended.
6. Shelf Life 1 Year
7. Toxicity Non-toxic
8. Areas of application
  • As barrier coating for any part of the external or internal faces of the structures where high degree of waterproofing is required, e.g. Roof, Podium, Water Reservoir, Swimming Pool etc.
  • Structure subject to adverse chemical or marine climatic attack or fungal growth zone, e.g. Chemical Plant, Oil Refineries etc.
  • General concrete structures, masonry, brick, tile asbestos, galvanized tin, refurbishing old waterproofing system including torch-on –membrane etc.




CICO CHEM 206 I is a single component, high solid content moisture cured polyurethane based tar extended elastomeric protective coating system, ideally suited for waterproofing of roof, podium deck, walls and foundation conforming to ASTM C-836-03 and ASTM C 898-09


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CICO Chem 206 I


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CICO Chem 206 I