CICO Tapecrete P151 148.003,200.00

CICO Hydroguard ACR


1. Type Acrylic Based Single Component Elastomeric Reinforced Waterproof Roof Coating
2. Price Rs.1072 + Gst 18% tax / per kg
3. Packing size  5 Kgs
4. Appearance / Colour White
5.  Coverage area for 3 coats (kg/m2) 1.5 kg
6. Shelf Life  12 Months
7. Areas of application
  • Building roofs / Terraces, Flat & sloping surface
  • Over existing cementitious waterproofing treatments like concrete screeds, acrylic coatings etc.



CICO HYDROGUARD ACR is a single Component Elastomeric Reinforced waterproofing coating system specially designed with acrylic polymer, fillers, additives, biocides & weather durable pigments in water medium. CICO HYDROGUARD ACR is used as a liquid applied waterproofing system for all types of building terrace. It is a three-layer system with coats in different or same colors ensuring proper build-up of the thickness, making it a reliable waterproofing system.


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CICO Hydroguard ACR


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CICO Hydroguard ACR