CICO Surface Hardner 25 Kg


1. Type Abrasion Resistance Metallic Floor Hardener for  Concrete
2. Price Rs.477 +GST 18% / 25kg
3. Packing size 25 kg Polyethylene lined HDPE bag.
4. Appearance / Colour  Grey
5. Coverage 2 kg and 1.5 kg of CICO SURFACE HARDENER will cover 1m2 for 13mm thick floor topping for heavy duty and light duty respectively.
6. Shelf Life 12 Months
7. Mixing 1 part CICO SURFACE HARDENER and 5 parts of cement by weight and 2 parts 6mm down stone chips is the normal mix proportion.
8. Areas of application
  • flooring


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It is a specially manufactured metallic aggregate admixture with cement and stone/granite chips to provide the hardest surface to floorings and pavement which will remain wear-proof, dustproof, waterproof and oil-proof etc.


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CICO Surface Hardner


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CICO Surface Hardner 25 Kg