Nitoflor Hardtop Standard 25KG


1. Type Non metallic, monolithic surface hardening compound
2. Price  493+Gst 18% tax / 25KG
3. Packing size  Nitofl or Hardtop Standard is supplied in sealed 25 kg HDPE bags.
4. Toxicity Non toxic
5. Appearance / Colour  Green & Grey
6. Shelf Life  12 Months
7. Areas of application They are ideally suited for all industrial areas subject to the heaviest traffic e.g:

  • loading bays
  • trucking lanes
  • car parks
  • workshops
  • ramps and spillways




Nitofl or Hardtop Standard is quality controlled, factory blended powder which are ready to use on site. They contain special quartz-silica aggregates which have been selected for abrasion and wear resistant properties as well as shape and size. These latter considerations, together with the use of high performance workability admixtures, produces a material which is easy to trowel into the surface of fresh, wet concrete.
Nitofl or Hardtop Standard cure monolithically to provide a dense, non-porous surface which is extremely hardwearing and abrasion resistant. Monolithic cure ensures that problems normally associated with thin ‘granolithic’ screeds, viz., shrinkage, cracking, etc., are completely overcome.
Being non-metallic, Nitofl or Hardtop Standard provide a nonslip surface which will never rust and disintegrate.


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Nitoflor Hardtop Standard


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Nitoflor Hardtop Standard 25KG