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Nitotile Grout 1 Kg


1 Type  Cementitious Tile Joint Filler
2 Price Nitotile grout pure white               : 68 +18%
Nitotile grout ivory                          : 62 +18%
Nitotile  grout raspberry red         :1151 +8%
Nitotile grout traffic black             : 78 +18%
Nitotile grout light grey                 : 62 +18%
3 Packing size  Nitotile Grout is supplied in 1 kg pack
4 Coverage 49 running meter of 3mmx5mm joint / kg.
5 Colour  Pure White, Ivory, Raspberry Red, Traffic Black, Light   grey.
6 Toxicity  No toxic
7 Shelf Life  12 months
8 Mixing  Measure 300 ml of water for 1 kg of tile grout, add powder to water and mix until uniform lump free paste is produced.
9 Areas of application
  • Kitchens and bathrooms
  • Tile claddings
  • Fixing of ceramic  and vitrified  tile in wet, dry and submerged conditions
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Nitotile grout is a high quality polymer-modifi ed, water resistant,cement based grout designed for grouting glazed wall tiles, porcelain tiles, mosaic, vitrifi ed and fully vitrifi ed tiles, natural and engineered stones for both interior and exterior applications.


Pure White, Ivory, Raspberry Red, Traffic Black, Light Grey


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Nitotile Grout 1 Kg