Proofex Torchseal 3PI Standard


1. Type  3mm Plain Finish Torch applied waterproofing membranes.
2. Price Torchseal 3PI Standard : 1800+Gst 18% tax
3. Packing size Proofex Torchseal 3PI (Standard) : 10 m long x 1m wide roll Proofex Torchseal Primer: 20 and 200 litre drums
4. Coverage  Proofex Torchseal Primer: 0.2 – 0.8 lt/m²
5. Toxicity Toxicity
6. Appearance / Colour Black
7. Shelf Life  12 months
8. Areas of application
  • Concrete roof and floor slabs
  • Shallow Basement tankings
  • Tunnels and subways
  • Car park deck slabs


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Proofex Torchseal 3PI (Standard) are quality torch applied APP based plain membranes manufactured from premium grade heavily modifi ed bitumen, reinforced with a core of non-woven polyester fabric.
The core gives the membrane its excellent mechanical properties, allows for good elongation and affords high resistance to piercing.
Proofex Torchseal 3PI (Standard) membranes are ideal for use in a wide range of waterproofing applications such as shallow foundations, basements, tunnels, roofs, carpark decks and other civil works. The chemical resistance of Proofex Torchseal 3PI (Standard) makes it particularly suitable for tanking applications in areas where aggressive ground water conditions prevail.


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Proofex Torchseal 3PI Standard


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Proofex Torchseal 3PI Standard