Sikadur®-32 LP


1. Type Epoxy resin Bonding Agent
2. Price Rs.4800.00/Unit + GST 18%
3. Packing size  6 kg (A+B) Unit

 Part A – 4 kg

 Part B – 2 kg

4. Coverage 0.3-0.5 kg/m², depending on substrate conditio
5. Appearance / Colour Part A: White

 Part B: Dark gray

 Part (A+B) mixed: Light gray

6. Toxicity Non-toxic
7. Approvals / Standards  

Conforms to ASTM C 881-78, Type II, Grade 2, Class B+C

8. Shelf Life 12 months
9. Mixing Ratio Part A : Part B = 2 : 1 by weight
10. Areas of application ·         New to existing concrete

·         Mortar

·         Steel, Iron


Sikadur®-32 LP is a solvent-free, two component
bonding agent, based on selected epoxy resins. Complies with ASTM C 881-78 type II, Grade 2 Class B+C
Sikadur®-32 LP may only be used by experienced professionals.
Sikadur®-32 LP provides a bond of far greater strength
than the tensile strength of the concrete itself. Therefore it is suitable for use as a structural bonding agent
for :
▪ New to existing concrete
▪ Mortar
▪ Steel, Iron

Sikadur®-32 LP has the following advantages:
▪ Easy to mix and apply
▪ Solvent free
▪ Excellent adhesion to most structural materials
▪ Unaffected by moisture
▪ Highly effective even on damp surface
▪ Workable at low temperatures
▪ High tensile strength
▪ Longer pot life


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Sikadur®-32 LP


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Sikadur®-32 LP