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SikaTopseal 107


1 Type Acrylic polymer modified elastomeric waterproofing
2 Price Rs.1650.00/Unit : Rs.66/Kg + GST 18%
3 Packing size 25Kg (20 Kg Power + 5 Ltr Liquid)
4 Coverage in m2 (20kg + 5lit pack) 12m2 – 14 m2
5 Appearance / Colour Part A : White Liquid
Part B : Grey Powder
Part A+B : Cement Grey slurry
6 Toxicity Non-toxic
7 Approvals / Standards SGS Certificate – IS 6582
CFTRI Certificate – USFDA 175.300
8 Shelf Life 12 months
9 Mixing Ratio Part A : Part B = 1:4 (By weight)
10 Areas of application ▪ Potable concrete water tanks / reservoirs
▪ Terraces and balconies
▪ Basement and Retaining walls
▪ Swimming pools, fountains & water bodies
▪ RCC gutters, drains and planter boxes
▪ Bathroom / toilets / Sunk slabs
▪ Lift pits / Sump
▪ Seawalls
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SikaTop® Seal-107 IN is a two part acrylic polymer modified cementitious liquid applied waterproofing
coating system. It comprises of a liquid polymer and a cement based mix incorporating special admixtures. It
is applied to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration.
Interior and exterior waterproofing and damp-proofing of concrete, cementitious rendering, brickwork
and blockwork

Protection of concrete structures against the effects
of de-icing salts and freeze-thaw attack

Exterior waterproofing of basement walls in new
construction and refurbishment

▪ Pore / blowhole filling
Rigid waterproofing of water tanks, bathrooms, toilets, etc.

Sealing fine “hairline” cracks in concrete structures
not subject to movement

▪ Sealing internal basement walls against dampness
▪ Levelling mortar for concrete repair works


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SikaTop® Seal-107 IN


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SikaTopseal 107