STP Super Thermolay 3mm


1. Type
Spun Bonded Non-woven Polyester Reinforced APP Modified WP Membrane
2. Price
3. Packing size (3MM – 1MX10M)
4. Toxicity Toxic
5. Colour Black
6.  Area of Application SuperThermoLay® membranes are ideal for a wide range of waterproofing applications including:

  • roofs
  • reservoirs
  • basements
  • basement roof
  • sunken slabs
  • terrace garden
  • tunnels and bridge decks



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SuperThermoLay® is an uniquely formulated pre-fabricated plastomeric waterproofing membrane with spun bonded polyester mat at its core. SuperThermoLay® has an excellent resistance to weather and ageing. The core of 160 gsm spun bonded non-woven polyester mat offers an excellent tensile strength, elongation and a superior lap joint strength. The polymer modification of bitumen with Atactic Polypropylene (APP) results in an excellent resistance to hot and cold temperatures.


3MM Mineral, 3MM Roll


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STP Super Thermolay


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STP Super Thermolay 3mm